Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Guide & Tips


Welcome to the Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Guide & Tips, where we will try to help you understand everything related to Doomsday

The Doomsday event is a recurrent event that lasts for 45 days or 1 season where you have to build, fight other alliances, and win season points to climb on the rank and get better rewards

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday – Objectives

  • Honor: Capture territories and also level up your honor structures
  • Influence: Capture territories
  • Contribution score: Donate stone and also complete doomsday quests
  • Unlock specialties: Resource, Construction or Combat

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday – Alliance Center

An Alliance Center requires stone, and all the alliance members can donate stone (Contribution score) to reach the requirements of the alliance center.

Only the alliance leaders, R4 or R5, can build the alliance center

Alliance centers give score bonus during the combat fase:

  • AC1 – Alliance Center 1: +50% score bonus
  • AC2 – Alliance Center 2: +70% score bonus

So: Place as many alliance centers as you can, and make sure all the alliance members are donating stone

Building Strategy – Alliance Center

  • Honor Structures: The Guardian Fortress Honor Structures have the highest durability, so place them as close as possible to the alliance center
  • Bases: The enemy can’t occupy a tile if there is a base on it, so place bases around the alliance center. But take in mind that a Missile can clear a base tile
  • Resource tiles: You can use resource tiles to protect strategic tiles, the enemy can’t place their buildings there
  • Other alliances (or a farm alliance): If a friend alliance can occupy tiles will help also.

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday – Honor Structures

First of all, build the Doomsday Laboratory in your base, and then build honor structures (you need stone) around the alliance centers, you can build:

  • Virus Research Facility: Poison immunity, to capture higher level plots (higher rewards)
  • Processing Plant: Processes infected materials into resources, to level up your honor structures. But take in mind that you will also produce regular resources there
  • Special Operation Command: Bonus might when capturing territories.
  • Guardian Fortress: Bonus resistance when capturing territories.

How to upgrade facilities or honor structures?

  • Virus Research Facility: Requires composite materials, fuel and also iron
  • Processing Plant: Requires virus samples, crops and also water
  • Special Operation Command: Requires composite materials, fuel and also lumber
  • Guardian Fortress: Requires composite materials, food and also iron

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday – Plots

You can occupy the following territories or plots:

  • Empty Plots: Low amounts of Diseased Crops to produce food and also virus sample
  • Waste Farm: Diseased Crops to produce food and also virus sample
  • Forest: Mutated Lumber to produce lumber and also virus sample
  • Mineral Deposit: Iron Ore to produce iron and also composite materials
  • Oil Deposit: Fossil Fuel to produce fuel and also composite materials
  • Polluted H20: Polluted Water to produce water and also composite materials

Use your army to occupy these tiles and harvest resources to upgrade your honor structures. You will also earn stone block, honor points, and of course hero experience. But you will lose troops, and you will need to heal them in the Virus research facility.

How many territories you can occupy?

First of all, there is a 20 min Protection Status the first time yo occupy a tile, so during the first 20 min nobody can take it from you, but there are some limits:

  • Territory capacity (your state): check it on Doomsday Lab > Territory tab, it will increase by 1 every day
  • Cross State Territory Capacity (other states): Occupy your first territory during the alliance duel in the target state. Once you have your first territory in a state you can come back at any time to this state to occupy more territories. This is one of the best (and easy) ways to earn Honor points, speciality points and also expansion tickets (to increase your territory capacity.

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday – Specialty

You get honor points occupying territories and also building honor structures, and you will earn 1 Specialty point each time you level up your honor level. Once you have enough specialty points you can develop specialties:

  • Construction specialty (Blue): Allows you to build more honor structures. We recommend it to start, at least untill you have 4 sets of structures
  • Resource specialty (Green: Allows you to increase your territory cap, but also the honor and hero exp gained. When you have the 4 sets of structures builded, redistribute the blue points to this specialty
  • Combat specialty (Red): Allows you to occupy higher level tiles

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday – Combat Phases

Prep Phase

5 days to build the ACs ant honor structures

War declaration

18 hours to rebuild and repair your structures to get ready for the war

Prepping Phase

6 hours (or 30 min after using truce) to place the rally points and move bases to the opponent’s AC1, but don’t forget of your AC1 defense.

Combat Phase

Get war declaration points: occupy enemy territories, destroy honor structures and destroy alliance centers

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday – Combat Tips

  • Don’t leave any other state’s tiles close to your alliance centers
  • Use missiles to clean enemy bases
  • The durability of your APCs is vital, if you run out of durability you can’t fight,
  • Use attack and defense bonuses
  • Hospital room: at least 50% of your troops
  • Advanced teleports: You will need more than 2 probably
  • Resources: to heal troops (food, fuel and also iron)
  • Speed ups: To heal troops

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday – Combat Scoring

  • Destroy honor structure: x500
  • Destroy Alliance Center: x10,000
  • Occupy enemy territory: Level 1 +1 to Level 16 +45

But is important to think in terms of durability yield. For example you spend 30 durability when you take a level 1 territory (+1 point), and 100 durability when you destroy 1 honor structure (x500 points), what is much more profitable.

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